Next Task in Webcraft 101 – #4 HTML hunting in the world around you

by bryanwoodsmall

This task involved taking pictures of things that relate to some html tags.  Here goes:


ImageIt is a generic container.


ImageOkay, I wasn’t real clever on this one.  But a block quote is a blockquote, right?


ImageA few paragraphs.  Again, not too clever, but I think it will do.


Didn’t find anything in my local neighborhood for this one, so branched out a little farther:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune


ImageThe suggestion was excellent, so I took it.  Any brick could have been used in any spot, so they could be considered unordered.  As mentioned in the example, this could also be a <div>


Imagea list item


ImageTook this one off the web.  My neighborhood doesn’t have any public transport.  The sign contains “links” than help you get where you want to go.


ImageAgain, not in my neighborhood.  Wish it was, though.


ImageA span is a generic in line container.  I don’t know yet exactly what inline means, but I’m thinking it is smaller than one that is not inline.  Wil learn more about that later.  Anyway, since lots of bricks could be a <div>, maybe fewer could be a <span>.


ImageOkay, so the chess clock my not be in machine readable form, but other than that, it is something like a <time>.


ImageSome quotes.  What can I say?


ImageAn image.